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1. Remove cling film dressing after 1 hour.

2. Wash tattoo with warm soapy water, rinse, pat dry and apply a very fine
smear of recommended healing cream.

3. Recover your tattooed area with cling film and repeat this procedure 3 times daily for 3 days.

4. After 3 days stop using the cling film dressing but carry on the washing and creaming of your tattoo. This will prevent the tattoo from cracking and ensure it looks its best.

5. A thin layer of skin will form which must not be picked, scratched or brought into contact with dirt, grease etc.

6. Do not swim or soak your tattoo during the healing process.

7. Do not let your tattoo get sun burnt.

8. When tattooing, we use the most up to date methods known and will not be held responsible for any tattoo after dressing has been applied.

If you are considering a tattoo then you can either have your own custom design or choose from one of our thousands of tattoo designs. We also specialise in cover ups and temporary (airbrush) tattoos

Please Note: Based In Gold Hair Paddington, we are licensed by law with the local environmental health department. Our premises are regularly inspected and our licence is on display for you to see. We have gained the respect and trust of these officials for the professional and hygienic way we operate.

We always use new needles, colours, caps etc for each customer. Surgical gloves are always worn for your protection and ours. We value you trust and the highest standard of safety are applied at all times.